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Risk Management Software


Starnet is a web based platform that complements CQG and Stellar.  It provides many features including user and global risk management, realtime value at risk calculation, reconciliation with clearer, settlement manager, user administration, trading product maintenance and an historical P&L tracker.  Starnet is an in-house developed tool that provides Starmark with superior risk control.  More information on Startrade and Starnet can be found here.

Execution Software


If you’re used to working with Stellar we can provide direct access.

Stellar is a complete trading system solution, it provides an intuitive front end with comprehensive order and risk management, combined with leading performance and stability.

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If you’re used to working with CQG we can provide direct access. CQG is a top of class charting software that also provides execution and risk management with a number of ISV options. Depending upon functionality requirements and cost restraints CQG can offer full synthetic spread trading with CQG Spreader or less expensive outright trading with CQG QTrader or CQG Trader.

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STSL has developed relationships with clearers over the last two decades that places it in a strong position to identify the most appropriate clearer based on costs and , importantly, safety.  Currently STSL clears its business through ED&F Man Capital Markets.  Starnet reconciles with our clearer ensuring that all trades are accounted for and in the correct account.

Remote Trading

STSL offers remote access to facilitate trading. Traders can use a VPN to connect to the same desktop and software from anywhere in the world using the internet. STSL facilitates this using hardware and software via PC, lap-top MACs and even tablets. Traders can access their trading software on almost any internet connected device. This makes the STSL remote access the most flexible, secure and low latency solution available anywhere. The experience the trader gets from home or remote office is the same as being in the City of London.